2013 NADKC 20th Anniversary Annual Meeting

by Joe Gallo
2013 Annual Meeting2013 Annual Meeting Zuchtschau

Well, it’s over now, but what an event it was! The 20th Anniversary NADKC Annual Meeting was hosted by the Upper Midwest Region in April of 2013 at the Milford Hunt Club. We were fortunate to have many members and guests attend, and a great time was had by all....

Even with all the preparations and time spent in planning for it, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all again and organize another annual meeting. To see the finished product and to be able to see and visit with friends and to meet new ones from around our own country and abroad makes it all worthwhile. For this year’s annual meeting, the weather was perfect and the accommodations and staff at Milford Hunt Club were outstanding!

Annual Meeting Awards Banquet Annual Meeting Awards Banquet

So many “Thank you’s” are definitely in order:

Thank you to all the vendors and members who donated gifts and raffle items. Thank you to the old and new
members and their families who took the time and expended the effort to attend. Thank you to the Founding
members who were able to attend (Herb Hasemann, Rob Engelking, John Petros and Jim Deppen) and to those who were unable to join us but who helped make our club possible when they started it 20 years ago. Many thanks to our overseas members that came to join us for this special year’s meeting: JGHV Vice President Wolf Schmidt-Körby, Jens and Nicole Stahl, Hermann-Josef Schomakers and Margitta Albertsen. Thank you to the entire Engelking family for your turn out at our awards banquet, dinner and action. Thank you to our judges for the Derby and the Zuchtschau. Thank you to the owners, trainers and handlers who prepared and got their dogs ready for both the Derby test (all Prize I’s) and the Zuchtschau. Thanks to all of the Upper Midwest committee members and their significant others who helped with the big event: Diane and John Calandra, Rich and Gerry Dobey, Rick Medina, Dave Henderson, and especially my wife, Val. Without their
support and time, it would not have been possible for our region to host such an event. And finally, to those members and DK friends that are gone but not forgotten (Willy Engelking and Lynn Slager) — I think you would all have been very proud of the growth and accomplishments of the North American Deutsch Kurzhaar Club during these past 20 years. We’ll continue to remember you all fondly in the years to come. Prost to all!

I was honored for our region to be chosen to host the 20th anniversary Annual Meeting of the NADKC.

Thank you and Dankeschön to all!

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