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Looking for a Deutsch Kurzhaar puppy? Find information about whelped, expected, and upcoming Deutsch Kurzhaar litters from NADKC kennels.

Whelped Litters

Litters listed in this section include puppies that are "on the ground".

vom Speidel Kennel ‘E’ Litter

Whelped - January 2nd, 2019 (7 males, 4 females)

Daisy vom Speidel 0094/14
D1, AZP1, Fw:V2, HN, HD:A2
M: Belle vom Speidel 1366/05 60456/1
D1, AZP1, NAKP1, VGP1 312, HD:A1, HN, FW:V3
V: Dolf vom Alderberg 0964/11 68494/1
D1, S1, VGP1 299, FW:V, HN, HDA2

Daisy is an elegant, medium size girl with pleasing substance, dark pigmentation, and highly desirable conformation. She is a strong pointer and backs naturally; her water work is impressive. She has an excellent nose and is an excellent tracker; often loud on track. She quarters beautifully in any terrain always trying to produce game and is always available to the gun. Daisy is highly calm, cooperative, and obedient; a shock collar is not needed for control. She has a high desire to please. Daisy has a complete tool set. She has performed flawlessly in her tests and is an easy dog to train. She is a wonderful house and companion dog; has a happy, upbeat personality-disposition; and gets along beautifully with people and other dogs.

Download: Ahnentafel

Daisy vom Speidel Daisy vom Speidel
Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst D1, S1, VGP1 (313), FW: SG1 youth, FW: V1, HN, HD-A2, BTR, HN, VSwP (SW3), BH
M: Vicky vom Neuarenberg 1141/11 64032/1
D1, S1, VGP1, LN, BTR, VBR, HD-A1
V: Scout vom Entenpfuhler Forst 0618/11 65141/1
D1, S1, VGP1, HN, FW: V, HD-B1, VBR, CACres

Xam, call name Django, is an impressive fellow on all accounts. He is a larger, but not over-size, dog with beautiful dark liver pigmentation; he has been rated V1 twice which is a testament to his outstanding conformation. He is a high drive dog that is totally focused on accomplishing any task assigned. Yet, Django is highly biddable, cooperative, and obedient; he loves to work. He has passed the BH exam, which is an obedience qualifier in IPO. He is a strong pointer that backs naturally and is strong in the water. He has an excellent nose and is a strong tracker. He has a complete tool set. Django is calm, non-confrontational with dogs and people, and has an upbeat-happy personality-disposition. He is wonderful in the house and is an outstanding companion dog.

Download: Ahnentafel

Puppies from this litter should produce desirable drive, obedience, and cooperation with a complete tool set. Pups are expected to be calm with a high level of mental stability. They will be exceptional loyal home-hunting companion dogs.

Contact Information: Steve Waters (641-661-4204) or
Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst

vom Canuck Kennel

Whelped - January 2018 (7 females and 4 males)

Fina III von Neuarenberg
D1(4H nose), VJP75, VGP1 336(4H water search), Solms1(4H nose, water search), HZP191, BTR, LN, HN, HD-A2, Fw 2x V1

Fina III von Neuarenberg is a very elegant yet feminine dog with unique markings. Fina is an extraordinary female, with immense love of water paired with great nose and search. Her testing scores are testament to her ability in the field, water and her prey drive. She has consistently received 4H(exceptional) for her nose and her water search. Her HZP score of 191 may be one of the highest which has been awarded in Germany in 2014. At home she is very calm, and loving, yet when hunting she is all business. Fina's breeding has been repeated 4x which is a clear indication of extraordinary breeding. Her Mother was one of the top dogs at 2014 Kleeman with 2x 4H(nose, search)

Download: Ahnentafel

Fina III von Neuarenberg Fina III von Neuarenberg
Sander vom Nonnenhaus
ZB.Nr.: 0182/15 Schwschl. m. schw.Kopf, gew. 27.12.2014
Derby prize 1 , HZP o.Ente 142 P., AZP prize 1. 4HSearch, 4H search behind duck , VGP prize 1 332 P 4H(search behind duck)HN,BTR, VBR ,LN, AH , Saujager, HD-Frei A2, Formwert V1.

Sander is a very harmonious, noble, and elegant male with a high prey-drive, exceptional water work, and fantastic cooperation. He searches the field very methodically and utilizes his talented nose to his advantage. He ranges depending on the terrain he's hunting on, his blood tracking and tracking ability may be some of the best we have seen. His use of his nose is always with purpose, both on land and in water. He is a formidable force both in the field and in water yet very calm and loving at home with the family.

Download: Ahnentafel

This pairing should produce some extraordinary puppies with great nose, immense love of water, easy to train and highly cooperative. We will be taking deposits.

Please contact us for more information
Dr Kaveh Elahiyoun or visit our website : also on Facebook at
Vom Canuck Kennels Deutsch Kurzhaar
Sander vom Nonnenhaus Sander vom Nonnenhaus

Vom Cedar Valley

Whelped - December 2018 (7 males, 6 females)

Ava vom Kleinen Fluss (Bento von der Kopperburg x Dixie vom Speidel)
Solms prize 1 j , Derby prize 1, HD A2, Fw V1 at the 2018 NADKC annual meeting.

Passing the Solms with a Prize I in her breed year to earn a Prize I j is proof of her intelligence and desire to please. Ava’s confirmation rating is full of her virtues without a single fault for a V1 female at the 2018 NADKC annual meeting. Ava is the perfect dog; she lacks a single fault. She is outstanding in the water and field, running and swimming all day long, breaking ice on duck hunts, and plowing through thorns in the field. She shifts into low gear for blood tracks, working at the pace of bloodhound. Ava is very calm in the house around our two young children and dogs. She rides with me in the front seat of my truck and sleeps next to our bed. Ava loves all dogs and children. Her calm temperament, high drive in the field and water, quick study and VI score at the NADKC annual meeting make Ava vom Kleinen Fluss the perfect mate for Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst.

Download: Ahnentafel

Ava vom Kleinen Fluss Ava vom Kleinen Fluss
Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst (Scout vom Entenpfuhler Forst x Vicky vom Neuarenberg)

Whelped 2016, Xam II has proven himself fast: In 2017, he went from an outstanding looking puppy to Derby 1, Solms 1, VGP 1 (313 Overnight track), HN, LN and BH (IPO sport). He was the “SG-1 young male” (Annual Meeting 2017) and has achieved two “V-1” scores since (including at the Annual Meeting 2018).

His high scoring success allowed him to receive the “2017 Lynn Slager Award”. In 2018, he already continued by passing the BTR and in May, passing the 20 hour track (VSwP). At two years of age, he was qualified for the Kleemann 2018.

Always interacting with his handler, this dog hunts at any range and distance by the wave of a hand. Given his proven sharpness to predator game, he brings everything one could hope for in a Deutsch Kurzhaar. Yet, he rounds his hunting portfolio with a pleasant and very social every-day compatibility.

Download: Ahnentafel

Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst

Upcoming Litters

Upcoming litters represent a planned breeding that has not yet occurred.

von den Sieben S
hnen “D” litter

Anticipated Whelp Date – February/March 2019

Alta von den Sieben Söhnen, ZB Nr. 0871/16
Whelped: May 24, 2016
D2, AZP 1 (4h Search, 4h Pointing), HDB-1, Fw: SG
M: Anika von der Raucherei
V: Jurek KS von Kings Crossing

Alta was the pick of the litter out of our "A" litter breeding. Just as we had hoped, she has turned out to be a phenomenal hunting companion and a valued family member. She has a strong desire to please and catches on very quickly, which has made her very easy to train.

Alta loves to hunt and is a very driven dog. Her exceptional scores (4h) in search in both the Derby and Solms are truly a testament of her desire to hunt and find game. Just like her mom, Alta has a very calm and quiet demeanor in both the home and the kennel. Alta is very well-rounded in both the field and the water. She has a passion for hunting and finding game, exhibits a very strong prey drive, is a natural retriever, and has a love of water. We couldn't be happier with her hunting abilities.

Download: Ahnentafel

Alta von den Sieben Söhnen Alta von den Sieben Söhnen
Ungaro vom Trocken Bach (Maui), ZB Nr. 0888/17
Whelped: May 24, 2017
Color: Schwschl.m.Pln.
D1, S1, HDA-2, Fw: V
M: Maggie KS vom Trocken Bach
V: Uno KS vom Mausberg

Maui is the type of hunting dog that you dream about owning. He is beautifully constructed and equally talented. Maui’s trainability and cooperation allowed him to be successfully trained and ready for his Solms in under 7 weeks. He is a natural at everything he does. His defining quality is his usage of nose. He is very nose driven dog. Because of his strong nose, pointing and searching for crippled game both in the water and land are done with ease.

Maui is a gentlemen's dog and is great with other dogs and, most importantly, people. Maui is a nice size male measuring 64 cm and 65 lbs. Notes from his Zuchtschau test included: Young male with nice male type head. Very good top and bottoms lines. Front and rear angulation excellent. Tail and croup excellent. Side movement excellent, Front and rear reach excellent. Confident and stable temperament.

Download: Ahnentafel

For more information contact: Max Barker at (435) 229-1050
Ungaro vom Trocken Bach Ungaro vom Trocken Bach

vom Golden-Sun C-litter

Anticipated Breeding Date: February/March 2019

Beatrix vom Golden Sun0006/16
D2(J) D1,VJP 76, S1, HZP 180, VGP 291 Pz.II NAKP Pz.1 suchenseiger HD-A1 HN Fw: V
DOB: 09.10.15
M: Ottie von Kings Crossing 055713
V: Finn vom Höllental 079913

Beatrix is a typical 62cm, very elegant DK. Bea is very calm and confident, making her an exceptional asset to the DK gene pool. Beatrix’s test scores reflect a small portion of the ability and character she possesses. Bea carries the strength to hunt all day, everyday with enthusiasm.
Beatrix displays an exquisite, graceful field search along with extraordinary nose quality that makes hunting behind her an honor. In her NAKP test the very experienced VR remarked “watching Beatrix (in pair search, with sister Alexis Roche Jaune) brought tears to my eyes!”. Her water work is precise, forest work methodical and cooperative. If game is present Beatrix will produce it, and produce it honestly and with style.

Bloodline: Gleistal, Theelshof and Innviertel predominate the motherline of Bea’s father. The motherline of Bea’s mother is Pöttmes.

Download: Ahnentafel

Beatrix vom Golden Sun Beatrix vom Golden Sun
Oscar KS vom Theelshof 0339/10
D1(J),S1, VBR, LN, IKP1, VW-VGP1,SW3, BICP3, NAKP 1,HN, HD-A1, Fw: SG
DOB: 31.12.09
M: Ida vom Theelshof 086406
V: Polo KS vom Gleistal 030903

Oscar is a strong-pigmented, typical DK male, 63cm, At nine months old KS Oscar passed Derby, Solms and VGP (overnight totverweisen) all exams with high first prizes. Oscar is the youngest dog in history to pass the VGP with a perfect 348pts. This achievements is only possible with solid nerved, precocious and work-happy dog. Oscar acheived HN at 7 months and loudness (fox) at 12 months. KS Oscar is a self-confident, socially responsible male, despite his tremendous urge to move forward. Oscar has high concentration, hunting savvy and inner peace. His absolute strength is water work, where he is a reliable working dog in the winter on running water. In the forest he searches/tracks wide-ranged with track sound and the best sense of direction.

Bloodline: Oscar’s father KS Polo vom Gleistal has lines from old Hege Haus and Rothenuffeln. Motherlines; Innviertel, Theelshof and Rothenuffeln.

Download: Ahnentafel

This is a breeding of two of the most talented and proven DK's in the DK gene pool today. This mating combines the best of North American and European proven hunting and testing lines available in the world. We are very confident this mating will make exceptional offspring who will be harmonious and elegant DK’s, with hunting ability only to be matched by their parents. The breeding will take place mid-February to mid March 2019, with pups ready to go to their new families in mid-June or mid- July. Deposits being taken to qualified families for choice of sex.

phone: 605.301.4820 or 605.222.7173
Oscar KS vom Theelshof Oscar KS vom Theelshof

Russell Fees - vom Bosque River

Anticipated Whelping Date - Early March 2019

Gina vom Hidden Creek 0513/16
D1, S3, HD:A1, Fw: V
Sire: Bento von der Kopperburg 0614/10 - D1, VJP 70, AH S1 HD:A1 Fw:V, 66328/1
Dam: Cayenne vom Hidden Creek 0993/12 - VJP67, D1, S1, HD:A2, Fw:V, 67240/2

GINA is 65 pounds with excellent conformation, perfect hip score, and has proven herself versatile in upland, waterfowl, forest, and blood tracks. She is a medium-distance hunter, and is a true companion - very obedient, eager to please, very gentle natured, and has incredible drive and desire to hunt - and not just hunt, but hunt WITH her owner. Out of proven lines. She aced her Derby with a Prize I, and passed her Solms with a Prize 3 after recovering from a near-crippling rattlesnake bite not long before the test. To her credit, in addition to the snakebite, she was tested and trained by a first time trainer and handler. She is a true pleasure to hunt and own.

Download: Ahnentafel

Gina vom Hidden Creek Gina vom Hidden Creek
Brisco von Solilo (aka "Cooper") 0434/11
AZP 2, VGP 251 points, HD:A2, Fw: V, several 4H in nose and search
Sire: Eiko KS von der Zista 9003/08 - D1, AZP 1, VBR, BTR, HD:A2, Fw:V, , 58103/1
Dam: Cathy vom Holtvogt 0138/07 - D1, S1, HD:A2, Fw:V, 61309/3

COOPER is a powerhouse male carefully selected for this breeding. He is a truly versatile hunting dog and has a nose that really stands out. He too has been judged to have excellent conformation, an excellent hip score, is medium sized at 72 lbs, and has incredible energy in the field, although his greatest attribute is in the water. He has received several "4H" awards for nose and search, trained and handled by a first time handler. Cooper guides hunts regularly and is a natural backer as well. He is a tremendous family pet and a reliable hunting partner.

Download: Ahnentafel

We believe this breeding will produce pups with lot of energy and motivation in the field, as well as make excellent companions in the home. We expect them to have excellent noses and to be truly versatile and driven. Contact Russell Fees - 254-592-6735 Located in Stephenville, TX
Brisco von Solilo (Cooper) Brisco von Solilo (Cooper)

G-wurf vom Schwarzen Seil

Anticipated Whelping Date - Early March 2019 (Pregnancy Confirmed)

Vanya von der Madlage D1 HN AZP1 VGP2 HD-A2 V3
(Inga KS von der Madlage x Sam vom Delme Horst)

Download: Ahnentafel

Vanya von der Madlage Vanya von der Madlage
Falco vom Schwarzen Seil D1 HN S1 HD-B1 V3
(Roxy vom Delme Horst x Vigo vom Riverwoods)

Download: Ahnentafel

I am truly excited about this breeding and will be keeping a female for myself. This breeding should produce exceptional puppies who will be truly complete DKs. Falco is definitely a special stud dog. He is very much "a natural". He does the job with no fuss, no muss. He has a gorgeous male head, exceptional bone length and angle, and strong pigment. Vanya is a very feminine dog, with wonderful conformation and a very dark eye. Both dogs have outstanding, loving temperaments and get along with everyone.

For more information contact:
Brandon Rhome
call or text (423) 453-0132
on the web
Falco vom Schwarzen Seil Falco vom Schwarzen Seil

Zwinger vom Trocken Bach

Anticipated Whelping Date - March 2019

Maggie KS vom Trocken Bach 0139/14
Derby Prize 1(j) (6 months), Derby Prize 1 (Switzerland), Derby Prize 1 (Zuchensieger DK Klub Südbaden), Solms Prize 1 (Prüfungssieger DK Klub Südbaden), VGP 1 – 324 Points (Prüfungssieger DK Klub Südbaden), BTR, VBR, HN, HD Frei A2, Fw: V1 in 2016 at Südbaden, and V1 in 2018 at Westfalen; V4 Female at the 2016 Kleemann, V1 female at the 2018 Kleemann. In passing the 2018 Kleemann Maggie received all perfect scores with a 4h for work behind the live duck.

Maggie had remarkable success during her education in Germany completing the Derby, Solms, and VGP before the age two. At the 2018 Kleemann Maggie achieved her KS while receiving perfect scores and a 4h in search behind the live duck. In conformation Maggie was the V1 hündin DK Klub Südbaden; the V4 Female 2016 Kleemann (74 participating); the V1 Female Westfalen Zuchtschau (18 participating); 2018 Kleemann V1 Female (69 participating).

From her first litter with Uno KS vom Mausberg Maggie has produced Ungaro vom Trocken Bach (Derby Prize 1, Solms Prize 1, Fw. V; Uschka vom Trocken Bach (Derby Prize 1, Fw. SG (j); Usko vom Trocken Bach (Derby Prize 1 (4h search), Fw. SG (j); Ussa vom Trocken Bach (Derby Prize 1, Fw. SG (j).

Download: Ahnentafel

Maggie KS vom Trocken Bach Maggie KS vom Trocken Bach
Etzel vom Thüringer Zipfel 1172/10
(Heiko KS vom Osterberg x Mona vom Thuringer Zipfel)
Derby Prize 1, Solms Prize 1a, VGP Prize 1a - 310 Points @ 16 months, IKP Prize 1 – 136 Points, VBR, BTR, HN, Fw. SG 1 (j), FW. V, HD-A2.

Etzel impresses in the field a spacious, fine-nosed and brisk search with very good nose guidance and head posture. He quickly finds game, which he points impressively, firmly and staunchly. His manners at the game are impeccable. In the water he convinces with passion, hardness and endurance. At the 2014 Dr. Kleemann Prüfung Etzel received perfect scores in field, search, and nose, with 4h in both the water search without the duck and with the duck (one of only four dogs to accomplish two 4h scores in the water work).

Etzel pedigree brings together two of the leading bloodlines in the Deutsch-Kurzhaar. The top side features Heiko KS vom Osterberg and on the bottom side Mona vom Thüringer Zipfel comes from the Hege-Haus lines.

Download: Ahnentafel

The pups will be approximately 70% Hege-Haus. This breeding includes some of the best Zwingers in the DKV – vom Thüringer Zipfel. This should be a very interesting litter with Brown and Brown & White.

For additional information on this breeding, contact Frank at 509-520-7483, email or visit
Etzel vom Thüringer Zipfel Etzel vom Thüringer Zipfel

'D' Litter vom W

Anticipated Whelping Date - March 22nd 2019

Cora vom Wüstenjäger
Derby 1, AZP1, FW - V2, HD A2 
Dam: Orie vom Riverwoods
D1 4h Search - "Suchen Sieger", Solms 1 - "Suchen Sieger", VGP 1 4h Search Behind Live Duck, SG (J), HD A1
Sire: Artus vom Riverfields
S1 4h search, D1 4h search, VGP 1 302 pts, V1 x3, HD-0-A1, HD 

Cora is extremely accomplished hunting companion. She is calm enough to live in an apartment while I was working as a travel nurse, but will produce birds for you in the field and water with great passion. She has an excellent nose, adjusting search range according to the need. She is patient and will stay with a running wild bird without pushing it too hard, usually causing the bird to hunker down and try hiding. She is as honest as the day is long.

Download: Ahnentafel

Cora vom Wüstenjäger Cora vom Wüstenjäger
Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst
DKV - D1, S1, VGP1 (313 ÜF), HN, LN, BTR, SW3, BH, V 1, HD A2
Dam: Vicky von Neuarenberg
D1, S1, VBR-E, BTR, VBR, VGP 1, HD A1, Fw. V
Sire: Scout vom Entenpfuhler Forst
D1, S1, LN, VBR, VGP1, CACres, HD B1, Fw. V

Xam (Django) is a hard driving dog who has an excellent work ethic. He is a highly accomplished DK male as you can see by his high test scores and testing accomplishments at a young age both here and in Germany. Django is calm and extremely easy to be around yet is hard driving whether he’s taking out predators, blood tracking, or hunting in the field. Django’s accomplishments have qualified him for the next IKP & Kleeman Prüfung.
Having already produced several litters he has proven himself as an excellent stud dog as well! We feel that this combination will produce highly talented and driven pups with excellent conformation and mental stability.

Download: Ahnentafel

For more information visit; Call Wayne Davis 509-778-1198; Lisa Davis 509-778-1794; or email
Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst

Zwinger vom Trocken Bach

Anticipated Whelping Date – May 2019

Tilly vom Trocken Bach 1123/16
(Darwin KS vom Hege-Hof x Gemma KS Seehof)
Derby Prize 1 (7 months of age) (DK Klub Südbaden);
Solms Prize 1 (12 months of age) (DK Klub Südbaden);
VGP Prize 1 - 317 pts (Klub Kurzhaar Kurhessen);
Härtenachweis (HN); HD Frei A2, Fw: 2017 SG2 (j)
Südbaden, 2018 V1 at Klub Mittildeutschland-Anhalt.

Successful tested in Germany passing the Derby and Solms before her first birthday and the VGP at 25 months with 317 points. Tilly was the V1 female at the Klub Mittildeutschland-Anhalt Zuchtschau.

Tilly is the daughter of Gemma KS Seehof. Derby Prize 1, Derby Prize 1, Solms Prize 1, Solms Prize 1, VGP Prize 1 (319pts), IKP Prize 1, VBR, LN, HD-A2, HN, 2014 KS (perfect scores, 4h work behind the duck, #5 Overall top female), Fw: 2 x V1, CACIB, BS, BOB, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH. Tilly’s father is Darwin KS vom Hege-Hof. D1, S1 (4h nose), S1, VGP1 (312 points/full points, 4h nose, 4h water search without a duck), KS (perfect score), BTR, VBR, HN, HD-A1, FW. V1 (5 x V1), 3 x CACIB, 2 x CAC, 3 x BOB (all by 27 months of age). At the 2010 Dr. Kleemann Darwin was the V3 male.

Download: Ahnentafel

Tilly in Germany 2018 Tilly in Germany 2018
Herzog KS vom Klepelshagener Forst 0818/14
(Don vom Klepelshagener Forst x Biene KS vom Klepelshagener Forst)
Derby Prize1, Derby Prize1 (4h Suche), Solms Prize1, HZP
176, VGP1(318 Punkte Tagfährte), SW1 (Suchensieger), IKP
133 P, KS at the 2018 Dr. Kleemann Prüfung (V2 Rüde);
Btr., HN, HD B1; Fw: V1. Download: Ahnentafel

Herzog is a high standing, large-framed male with a deep dark brown pigment, and a distinctive male dog. He is very efficient, eager to work and easy to handle. There was no in his training, which he did not complete or refused to do. His understanding and rapid implementation is always impressive. He is always willing to please and shows self-confidence - without aggression towards people and is socially acceptable to conspecifics. He lives peacefully together with three other seasoned males.

During the hunt, he shows tremendous hunting skills, intelligence and prudence coupled with calm. Particularly noteworthy is that he always keeps in touch with his leader. Water working is one of Herzog’s great passions. The very good nose insert regularly leads him to success. He shows perseverance and will to find, also in the water no reed belt is too dense and uncomfortable for him to search.

Download: Ahnentafel

The pups will be approximately 50% Hege-Haus. This breeding includes some of the best Zwingers in the DKV – Hege-Haus, Klepelshagener Forst, Thüringer Zipfel, and Birkenwald. This will be a very interesting litter with all of the recognized colors – Brown, Brown/White, Black, and Black/White.

For additional information on this breeding, contact Frank at 509-520-7483 or email at: or visit
Herzog KS vom Klepelshagener Forst Herzog KS vom Klepelshagener Forst

vom H
gel-Hafen ‘C’ Litter

Anticipated Whelping Date - Spring 2019

Anna vom Hügel-Hafen ZB.Nr. 0018/17
D1(J) (4h pointing and search), S1 (4h search), VGP1 (298), Fw: V, HDO A-2
Dam: Dakota KS vom Trocken Bach, 0016/10, D1, S1, VGP1 (336 pts, Winner of the Search at the Klub Rheinland VGP in Düboslar, Germany), VBR, BTR, KS (perfect scores, Zuchtschau top 20), HDO A-2, HN, Fw: V3
Sire: Joker vom Gänsehimmel, 0416/10, D1, S2, AZP1, HN, Fw: V2, HDO B-1

Anna is a striking, medium-sized female with highly desirable conformation. She has a noble head, proper lines, dark pigmentation, and a dense coat. Anna has a big, beautiful search, but is always hunting for the gun. In her testing she has received two 4h’s in search, a testament to her cooperation in the field. NADKC awarded her as the top scoring Derby Dog of 2017. She has high drive, displays intense points (receiving a 4h in her Derby), is very strong in her water work, and is an extremely reliable retriever. She is highly intelligent and determined; completing both her Solms and VGP tests in the same weekend, earning prize 1’s in both at the age of 24 months. Anna is an excellent, loyal hunting companion and loves to train. She has outstanding bloodlines, has a wonderful temperament, and is very calm in the home. She is fantastic with people, children, and other dogs.

Download: Ahnentafel

Anna vom Hügel-Hafen Anna vom Hügel-Hafen
Payton vom Kings Crossing ZB.Nr. 0098/14
D1, S1, VGP1 (298 pts), HN, Fw: V, HDO-A1
Dam: Dusty vom Holtvogt, D1j, S1j, VGP1 (329 pts), BTR LN, Fw: V, HDO A-1
Sire: Zunder vom Wittekind, D1, S1, VGP1 (305 pts), Fw: V, HDO A-2

Payton is a noble, medium-sized male, with perfect conformation. He has done extremely well in the Derby, Solms, and VGP, with prize 1’s in all tests. His sire, Zunder vom Wittekind, has produced magnificent dogs: highly intelligent, very trainable, excellent desire, and a deep willingness to please. When not running tests, Payton works numerous wild pheasant hunts. Randy Blanchard, his owner, describes how everyone who shoots over him, loves him. He’s used for the Pheasant Forever hunts in southern Alberta. Payton has already been proven to be an effective sire, his first litter producing nine strong puppies - vom Hockland B Litter (Tyler Smith). One pup went to the owners of Zunder and they are very pleased, seeing a lot of Zunder in their pup. Most notable of Payton is his level of intelligence. His capacity to learn his lessons is outstanding - you can go anywhere you want with an intelligent dog.

Download: Ahnentafel

This is a performance breeding and should produce outstanding puppies with the perfect balance of drive, cooperation, temperaments, and love of water. They will have strong Hege-Haus, Pottseipen, and Wittekind bloodlines, and would be an excellent addition to a hunting, testing, family home.

Please contact us for more information: Chad Kunz at (701) 509-0757, email or visit
Payton vom Kings Crossing Payton vom Kings Crossing

Vom Nobelle Haus

Anticipated Whelping Date - Spring 2019

Brigitta vom Nobelle Haus: ZB Nr. 0962/13
Derby Prize I / AZP Prize I
Zuchtschau: SG / Hip Certification A2
Dam: Helena vom Sparta ZB-Nr. 0786/09
Sire: Enzo vom Kings Crossing ZB Nr. 0052/10

Brigitta is s beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She is extremely calm dog in the home with boldness and desire in the field. She has a beautiful search pattern with a never quit attitude. Her points are true and intense. Training Brigitta has literally been effortless as she has a strong willingness to please. Her training was more like showing her than training her. She is extremely cooperative as well as intelligent. Ruby loves to be around people and is excellent around children and other dogs.

Brigitta casts are classic in how she sweeps a field. She adjusts her range based on the type of cover she is hunting. She naturally checks back hunting as a true team. Brigitta will be up in Maine the Maine woods in pursuit of woodcock and grouse.

Download: Ahnentafel

Brigitta vom Nobelle Haus Brigitta vom Nobelle Haus
Artus vom Rollenwald: ZBR Nr. 0517/16
D1 S1(4h in search behind the duck), HN, HDA2, BTR, V, Shoulders OCD Free
V1 male at the 2014 NADKC Annual Meeting
V2 Male at the 2018NADKC Annual Meeting
Sire : Don vom Holtvogt SB-Nr. 0097/08

Art is a wonderful combination of drive and cooperation. He is quiet in the house, auto, crate and kennel. Art lives in a multiple dog household, inside. Art loves people. He is very good with children of all ages. Art gets along with all dogs (including other intact males and small dogs). Relentless hunter with strong recovery drive. He is a calm tracker. Art loves to work no matter the task at hand. He has both a natural retrieve and love for water. Art is hunted on wild birds in Michigan and North Dakota adjusting his pattern and range to the cover he is hunting.

Art is a nobel medium size male with an elegant appearance. His bone is appropriate to his size. He has a dense coat. He has a old style head, dry neck and throat, correct fore chest and depth of chest, correct top and bottom line, tail set is correct. His angulation is correct both in the front and rear. His movement is correct in all aspects. Conformation rating of “V” Excellent.

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Artus vom Rollenwald Artus vom Rollenwald

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