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Looking for a Deutsch Kurzhaar puppy? Find information about whelped, expected, and upcoming Deutsch Kurzhaar litters from NADKC kennels.

Whelped Litters

Litters listed in this section include puppies that are "on the ground".

vom Bosque River - C litter

Whelp Date: April 9th, 1 Female still available

Gina vom Hidden Creek 0513/16
D1, S3, HD:A1, Fw: V, 4h water search
Sire: Bento von der Kopperburg 0614/10 - D1, VJP 70, AH S1 HD:A1 Fw:V, 66328/1
Dam: Cayenne vom Hidden Creek 0993/12 - VJP67, D1, S1, HD:A2, Fw:V, 67240/2

Gina is 65 pounds with excellent conformation, perfect hip score, and has proven herself reliable in upland across multiple states, as well as waterfowl, fur, and blood tracks. She is a medium-distance hunter, and is a true companion both at home and in the field - very obedient, eager to please, gentle natured, and has incredible drive and desire - and she hunts WITH her owner.

Gina is very trainable as well. She aced her Derby with a Prize I, and passed her Solms with a Prize 3 after recovering from a near-crippling rattlesnake bite only weeks before solms. To her credit, in addition to the snakebite, she was tested and trained by a beginner handler. She is a true pleasure to hunt and own. This will be her second litter. The pups from her first are scattered across the US and hunt multiple species. They demonstrate excellent temperament, drive, are biddable, natural ability. We are excited to see this continue with her second litter.

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Gina vom Hidden Creek Gina vom Hidden Creek
Joker vom Gansehimmel 0416/10
D1, S2, AZP1, Fw:V2, HD:B1, Hn, 4h nose
Sire: Axel vom Beaver Creeks 0575/00 - D1, AZP1, NAKP1, Fw: V, HD:0
Dam: Cali vom Rahe 0224/05 - D1, S1, HD:0, Fw: V

Joker (aka "Joe") is a moderate sized male (63cm, 70 lb) who has a natural on/off switch - at home he is calm and quiet, and in the field he hunts with effortless wide sweeps using a nose that is exceptional at finding and pointing birds from long distances. His points are strong, steady and productive. He hunts pheasant, sharp-tailed grouse, Hungarian partridge, ruffed grouse and quail.

He loves the water and will search with endurance for cripples until he finds them. Joe also field hunts geese and sits in the blind quietly and confidently until time to go to work. He has a great disposition, a beautiful balance of desire and cooperation, love of water, and ability to find and point game in the field. Joe also has excellent conformation and has consistently produced offspring that mirror his conformation, versatility, desire, and disposition.

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We expect this pairing to produce pups with outstanding natural ability, very good temperaments, beautiful conformation, and the true versatility our breed is recognized for...water, upland, tracking, and more.

Contact Russell Fees, 254-592-6735 or for more information or to join our C litter waiting list. Located in Stephenville, TX.
Joker vom Gansehimmel Joker vom Gansehimmel

Vom Adlertal

Whelp Date: February 1st 2021 (4 males, 5 females) All Braun

Catja von der Niederheide (V: Eros KS vom Hirshenacker x M:Brill KS vom Samuhazi Vadasz 2x4H at 2016 Kleeman)
Derby Prize 1, AZP Prize 1, FW: V, HZP 183 Points, 60cm, HD-A1

Catja was imported as a puppy and tested her in America. Catja stands with excellent posture and carries herself with a noble presence. Catja (Millie) has the temperament any person would desire. Her love to people and her desire to please brings success with hunting/social activities. She loves to retrieve marked game in the water and in the field. A princess in nature, Millie has a calm disposition which is enjoyable in the home which is evidenced through her Sire (65cm) and Dam's (64cm) excellent nature. These pups will provide the dreamed-of-temperament in your dog. Millie's strongest trait is her drive to find game. Her game recovery is exceeding par for her future VGP testing-Courtesy from her sire's Deer-Sacker Kennel.

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Catja von der Niederheide Catja von der Niederheide
Prinz vom Klepelshagener Forst
D1, D1 (Suche 4h), S1 (Nase 4h, StmE 4h), VGP1 (336 Punkte, StmE 4h, StoE 4h, Vorstehen 4h, sichtl.) HN VBR BTR Zuchtschau: V1, Stockmaß: 65 cm, HD. B1, OCD frei, Übergangswirbel: frei

Prinz was imported to America last September and is an exceptional young sire that was scheduled for the 2020 Kleeman prior to it being cancelled. Prinz exemplifies the Deutsh Kurzhaar breed in power and hard-working innate abilities (i.e. 3x 4H-VGP results). His offspring has a great affinity to water and water hunting. Prinz has a Medium sized frame in the FCI standards with deep brown pigment color. His charismatic personality captivates you. Prinz is uncompromisingly tough and has an enormous enthusiasm for work. He works systematically in all areas of forest, field, water, tracking, manner of retrieving game, and cooperation. He offers intense pointing skills and has a strong desire to please. I have videos of Prinz beying-recovering a coon and a rainbow trout from a lake in Germany (on his profile). Prinz is hoping to take the Kleeman at a future event. Prinz has sturdy upright feet. Prinz's goal is to always bring you a reward home.

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Scott Jacob
Prinz vom Klepelshagener Forst Prinz vom Klepelshagener Forst

Upcoming Litters

Upcoming litters represent a planned breeding that has not yet occurred.

Vom Canuck

Anticipated Whelp Date: Fall/Winter 2021

Hazel vom Canuck
D1 , S1 , VGP 1 , HN , HD A1 ,

Hazel is truly a dream hunting dog , she has some of the best hunting abilities one would want in a truly versatile hunting dog. She has very stylish points and outstanding nose. She is a very muscular female with a fabulous head and very correct conformation . Her drive and determination is absolutely fantastic.
Hazel is lovely house pet when she is not hunting

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Hazel vom Canuck Hazel vom Canuck
Sander vom Nonnenhaus
Derby prize 1 , HZP o.Ente 142 P., AZP prize 1* (4HSearch, 4H search behind duck ), VGP prize 1 332 P 4H(search behind duck) HN,BTR, VBR ,LN, AH SJ , Saujager, HD-Frei A2, Formwert V1

Sander is a very harmonious, noble, and elegant male with a high prey-drive, exceptional water work, and fantastic cooperation. He searches the field very methodically and utilizes his talented nose to his advantage And he has a remarkable speed when searching . His use of his nose is always with purpose, both on land and in water. He is a formidable force both in the field and in water yet very calm and loving at home with the family.

Download: Ahnentafel

This fantastic breeding is combining some of old Hege haus and Neuarenberg blood lines.
Sir and Dam are exceptional hunting dogs and very complimentary toeach other .Puppies will be loaded with natural ability in water and field with outstanding conformation and a very pronounced “OFF” switch.
Deposits on will be taken on limited bases puppies will be born in Michigan.Contact us for more information at:
Or of on Facebook @ Vom Canuck kennels Deutsch-kurtzhaar
Sander vom Nonnenhaus Sander vom Nonnenhaus

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