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Looking for a Deutsch Kurzhaar puppy? Find information about whelped, expected, and upcoming Deutsch Kurzhaar litters from NADKC kennels.

Whelped Litters

Litters listed in this section include puppies that are "on the ground".

vom New Braunfels Kennel

Whelp Date - June 11th 2018 (3 males, 7 females)

Ember vom Hidden Creek 0940/14
D1, S1,HD:B1, Fw: SG

M: Halla vom Sparta-GR 0783/09
D1, S2, AZP 1, NAKP 1, HD B2, Fw: V
V: Brock vom Hidden Creek 0772/11
D1, S1(4h pointing), VGP 1 (289 pts),HN, HD B1 Fw: SG

Ember is a beautiful black ticked female that has terrific water drive and is stylish in the field. Ember has a fine nose and she is a solid retriever. She is a medium ranging dog that has the stamina to be hunted hard on multiple days with no ill effects. She has been hunted extensively on pheasant and quail since a 6 month old pup. She is very cooperative and has been easy to train. Ember is a calm female around the house and is great with children and other dogs.

Download: Ahnentafel

Ember vom Hidden Creek Ember vom Hidden Creek
Cole vom Hidden Creek 0991/12
D1(4h nose), VJP 66pts , S1, VGP 1(306 pts), HN, HD: A1, Fw: V

M: Cati vom Nemerower Holz 0718/07
D1, S1,HZP191 pts (12Duck Search), VGP 1, NAKP 1 (Top Scorer, 4h Duck Search), HD- B1, Fw: V
V: Franki vom Sparta-GR. 1205/08
2xD1(4h nose),S1,HZP 180pts, VGP 1(308)pts,VBR,BTR,HN, VDH ResCAC, HD:A2, FW:V

Cole is a muscular male with excellent conformation. He has a great temperament and a calm disposition. He is laid back around the house but is all business when in the field, water, or woods. Cole is totally nose driven with a focus that is laser like. He loves to work and has been a pleasure to train. Cole was the Ehren President Award winner as the NADKC highest scoring VGP dog in 2016.

Download: Ahnentafel

This litter should be a mix of liver ticked and black ticked pups that should have plenty of drive and cooperation and become excellent versatile hunting companions.

Contact: Jim Dannehy
Cole vom Hidden Creek Cole vom Hidden Creek

Upcoming Litters

Upcoming litters represent a planned breeding that has not yet occurred.

vom Adlerberg K- Litter Breeding

Anticipated Whelping Date - Mid June 2018

Danica vom Adlerberg 0965/11
D2, AZP1, VGP3 (275), HN, HDA2, Fw: V3

V: Nik von der Jydebek 1073/05
D1, S3, S2, AZP1, VGP2, HN, HD-A1, Fw: V1
M: Fila vom Thrüringer Zipfel 0641/01
D1, HZP 170, AZP1, VGP3, HN HD-Frei, Fw: V

This is an exciting breeding between two dogs that complement each other’s traits in abilities and conformation, bringing an excellent balance to the breeding.
Danica was whelped in Idaho, and originally placed in a home in Michigan as pick of litter. She returned to Idaho for some training, where I fell in love with this dog all over again. I made the decision to buy her back. Danica has a happy, up-beat, calm disposition and is a wonderful companion dog. She has always been a very cooperative and obedient dog that has been a pleasure and joy to work with. Danica has beautiful conformation with very good bone and excellent dark pigment. She received a V3 2014 NADKC AM.
She has mastered hunting upland birds from Blue Grouse in the high elevations of Idaho, Chukar along the rugged cliffs along the Snake River, to the Pheasant in the prairies of South Dakota and everything in between. She is able to easily transition from running hard hunting upland game to lying in the duck blind for hours at a time. She has proven herself to be an excellent tracking dog with several real world big game recoveries (deer, elk, moose and bear) as old as 30 plus hours, in all types of weather conditions. Danica has always shown a well-balanced performance that is very much nose driven while maintaining a natural calmness, while being totally driven and fearless when working. She is my go to hunting companion.

Download: Ahnentafel

Danica vom Adlerberg Danica vom Adlerberg
Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst 0622/16
D1, S1, VGP1, BTR, SW20, HN, HDA2, Fw: V1x2

V: Scout vom Entenpfuhler Forst 0618/11
D1, S1, VGP1, VBR, LN, HN, CACres, HDB1, Fw: V
M: Vicky vom Neuarenberg 1141/11
D1, S1, VGP1, LN, VBR, BTR, HN, HDA1, Fw: V

Xam II – aka “Django” – has proven more than many other dogs at his age or ever will. In the 2017 season, he went from an outstanding looking puppy to Derby 1, Solms 1, VGP 1 (313 on a different continent and entirely strange settings and scents back in Germany), HN, LN, SG1 NADKC AM 2017, V-I x2 NADKC AM 2018. Xam (Django) is an impressive young male with a beautiful male head, excellent size and bone. He has beautiful dark pigment and carries himself well. Based on his additional sporting activities in IPO: (Passed the BH exam, which is an obedience qualifier for the IPO sport).
His high scoring success allowed him to receive the “2017 Lynn Slager Award”. In 2018, he already continued by passing the BTR and just a week ago, passing the 20 hour track under very hot and hard conditions back in Germany. At barely two and a half years, he is therefore qualified for the Kleemann 2018. Despite that proven versatility, it is his unbelievable high drive and speed that make him not only a fantastic companion but the once-in-a-lifetime dog. Always interacting with his handler, this dog hunts at any range and distance by the wave of a hand.
In the past year, Django has proven his sharpness on predator game repeatedly (raccoon and coyote). In Germany he has been exposed to boar multiple times. He brings everything one could hope for in a Deutsch Kurzhaar. As a daily companion at a veterinary hospital and in everyday life, he is exposed to other dogs and species, living in the house peacefully with a cat. Therefore, he rounds his hunting portfolio with a pleasant and very social personality.

Download: Ahnentafel

Both of the dogs paired in this breeding have the outstanding qualities we want in our hunting companions. This litter should produce a great blend of traits, strong conformation, and all around working abilities with an emphasis on excellent nose, water, tracking, pointing and desire. We expect puppies from this pairing to be excellent versatile hunters, very biddable, strong in conformation and excellent home/hunting/companion dogs.
Scott Sorenson ~ Email: ~ Cell: 509.681.0675 ~ Potlatch, Idaho ~ USA
Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst

vom Speidel Kennel 'E' Litter

Anticipated Whelping Date - May 2018

Daisy vom Speidel 0094/14
D1, AZP1, Fw:V2, HN, HD:A2

M: Belle vom Speidel: 1366/05 60456/1
D1, AZP1, NAKP1, VGP1 312, HD:A1, HN, FW:V3
V: Dolf vom Alderberg: 0964/11 68494/1
D1, S1, VGP1 299, FW:V, HN, HDA2

Daisy is an elegant, medium size girl with pleasing substance, dark pigmentation, and highly desirable conformation. She is a strong pointer and backs naturally; her water work is impressive. She has an excellent nose and is an excellent tracker; often loud on track. She quarters beautifully in any terrain always trying to produce game and is always available to the gun. Daisy is highly calm, cooperative, and obedient; a shock collar is not needed for control. Daisy has a complete tool set. She has performed flawlessly in her tests and is an easy dog to train. She is a wonderful companion dog and gets along beautifully with people and other dogs.

Download: Ahnentafel

Daisy vom Speidel Daisy vom Speidel
Bento von der Kopperburg: 0614/10 66328/1
D1, VJP 70, AH, S1, VGP1 (304 pts. 4H bloodtrack), HN, HD:A1, FW:V2

M: Kora von der Madlage 0050/07
D1, VJP 76, S1, HZP 190, HN, VGP1, HD:A1, FW:V
V: Boss von Tatemeer 0375/07
D1, VJP 75, AH, S1, VBR, LN, BTR, HZP 196, VGP1, SW1, HN, IKP1, CACIB, HD:A2, FW:V

Bento is a larger male with an excellent coat featuring great pigmentation and excellent conformation. He is extremely biddable, precocious, and cooperative. He is beautifully calm. He received the Armbruster Halt Award at his VJP puppy test, a testament to his trainability. Bento’s water work is stellar as is his field work; a shock color is not needed for control. He is strong pointer and backs naturally. He is an excellent companion in the house, content with other dogs and children crawling all over him, yet all business on the hunt. There are no holes in Bento’s skill set.

Download: Ahnentafel

Contact Information; Steve Waters (641-661-4204) or
Bento von der Kopperburg Bento von der Kopperburg

Zwinger vom Trocken Bach

Anticipated Whelping Date – Spring 2018

***Hege-Haus Breeding***

Graci KS vom Trocken Bach 0645/11 (Quickstep vom Hege-Haus x Claudia KS vom Hege-Haus)
Derby Prize 1, AZP Prize 1, VGP Prize 1 (323pts), VBR, BTR, HDO, HN, KS (perfect scores, Zuchtschau top 10). Fw: V1

Graci started her education in the States with a Derby Prize 1, SG1 (j) at the NADKC Annual Meeting in 2012, and V1 in the fall of 2012. Her education continued in Germany with Mr. Klaus Bommers as her leader. Mr. Bommers, who has successfully lead 21 Kleemann dogs and considered to be the one of the best leaders in Germany, feels that Graci is an outstanding dog with a huge nose and a wonderful personality that make her very special. Additionally, Mr. Bommers stated, “Graci is the best water dog that he has ever seen!” In 2014 Graci completed the Dr.
Kleemann Prüfung where she received perfect scores and the title KS. In the Kleemann Zuchtschau Graci was evaluated in the Top 10.

Download: Ahnentafel

Graci is the daughter of Claudia KS vom Hege-Haus 0940/04,(Jogurt KS vom Hege-Haus x Duna KS vom Hege-Haus) Derby Prize 1, Solms Prize 1, VGP Prize 1 (330 pts), VBR, SW1, 2008 Dr. Kleemann Prüfung KS (perfect scores with a 4h in the search), HDO, HN, Fw: SG1 (j). Jogurt KS vom Hege-Haus has sired many excellent dogs and was sold during the 2006 Kleemann to a breeder in Spain. Duna KS vom Hege-Haus was the Vice-European Champion and the World Vice-Champion. Claudia KS vom Hege-Haus is a littermate to Clementine KS vom Hege-Haus, Charme II KS vom Hege-Haus, and Charlott II vom Hege-Haus, the mother of KS Conan Seehof.

Graci KS vom Trocken Bach Graci in Walla Walla February 2013

Darwin KS vom Hege-Hof 0540/08 (Baron vom Hege-Haus x Dolly KS vom Altenbruch)
D1, S1 (4h nose), S1, VGP1 (312 points/full points, 4h nose, 4h water search without a duck), KS (perfect score), BTR, VBR, HN, HD-A1, FW. V1 (5 x V1), 3 x CACIB, 2 x CAC, 3 x BOB (all by 27 months of age).

In addition to his success in his education, Darwin has been unbelievably successful in Zuchtschau events. Lead by Birgitta Krause-Hofstetter (Mr. Hofstetter’s daughter) in less than two years Darwin achieved: Vielversprechend Jüngstenklasse, Stuttgart; Zuchtschau DK Südbaden sg.1.J; Ortenau-Jugend-Sieger V1, BOB, Anw. Dt. Jug. CH. VDH; Internationalen Rassehundeausstellung Offenberg V1, BOB, CACIB, Anw. DT.Ch. VDH, CAC, Rüde Gebrauchshundklasse (Titled Working Dogs); DK- Zuchtschau Südbaden V1; Zuchtschau Klub Kurzhaar Kurmainz V2; Spezial-Zuchtschau DK-Saar/Südbaden und Südwest V1, CAC (DK), Anw. VDH, BOB; DK Zuchtschau Rheinland V1; 2010 Kleemann Zuchtschau V3

At the Dr. Kleemann Prüfung, Darwin’s leader (trainer) was Mr. Siegfried Hofstetter considered to be one of if not the best leader in Germany. Darwin performed admirably under most difficult conditions. The first day Darwin’s group was assigned field work with winds of 30 - 40 mph survival was the word of the day. Darwin’s search was purposeful and productive. Using his outstanding nose he was able to locate and point game under conditions no hunter would endure. The next day was the water work. Darwin crossed the pond upon command without hesitation and searched thoroughly without the duck. He made short work of his live duck search and retrieved flawlessly. Darwin received his KS.

Download: Ahnentafel

Darwin has produced many outstanding offspring including Indy KS vom Trocken Bach Derby Prize 1, Derby Prize 1, Solms Prize 1a (4h Search), VGP Prize 1 (317pts), VBR, BTR, HD-A1, HN, Fw: 2 x V1. Indy received a perfect score at the 2014 Dr. Kleemann Prüfung, was rated as a TOP TEN OVERALL HÜNDIN, and was in the top twenty at the Zuchtschau; and Maggie vom Trocken Bach D1 (j) (I ran her in Walla Walla when she was 6 months old), D1(Switzerland), D1 (Zuchensieger DK Klub Südbaden), Solms 1 (Prüfungssieger DK Klub Südbaden), VGP 1 – 324 Points (Prüfungssieger DK Klub Südbaden), BTR, VBR, HN, HD Frei A2, Fw: V1. Maggie was the V4 female at the 2016 Kleemann Prüfung.

For additional information on this breeding, contact Frank at 509-520-7483, email or visit

Darwin KS vom Hege-Hofs Darwin at 2010 Kleemann

vom Nobelle Haus Kennel

Anticipated Whelping Date - Spring 2018

Brigitta vom Nobelle Haus
Derby Prize I
AZP Prize I
Zuchtschau: SG
Hip certification A2

Mutter: Helena vom Sparta

Vater: Enzo vom Kings Crossing

Brigitta is as beautiful on the inside as is she is on the outside. She is an extremely calm dog in the home with boldness and desire in the field. Her search in the field is effortless never quitting on the job at hand. She is extremely intense on point loves to retrieve. Brigitta has a strong willingness to please. She loves to be around other dogs and children.

Download: Ahnentafel

Brigitta vom Nobelle Haus Brigitta vom Nobelle Haus
Ilex von der Wacholderheide

Derby: PZI
Solms: PZII
Zuchtschau: V

Mutter: Hummel von der Wacholderheide ZB-Nr. 0742/12
Vater: Skip vom Entenpfuhler Forst ZB-Nr. 0621/11

Ilex did his VGP with overnight blood track before the age of 18 months. He stays in check with his handler during driven hunts showing that he is a great cooperative dog. Ilex has an outstanding nose and knows how to use it to find game. Before leaving Germany, he was in the home with 3 small children, the youngest a 3 year- old. He is a gentle dog. Ilex has a diverse background in his pedigree.

Download: Ahnentafel

I am very excited about this upcoming breeding.
The anticipated breeding should occur in late spring of 2018.

If you are looking for that perfect blend of family companion, trainability, conformation, and cooperation, an outstanding nose with never quit attitude, this is one litter you should not miss out on.

If you would like additional information, please do not hesitate to give me a call at 201-248-0699, email me at, or visit our website at
Ilex von der Wacholderheide Ilex von der Wacholderheide

vom Canuck Kennel

Anticipated Whelping Date - Aug/Sep 2018

Fina III von Neuarenberg
D1(4H nose), VJP75, VGP1 336(4H water search), Solms1(4H nose, water search), HZP191, BTR, LN, HN, HD-A2, Fw 2x V1

Fina III von Neuarenberg is a very elegant yet feminine dog with unique markings. Fina is an extraordinary female, with immense love of water paired with great nose and search. Her testing scores are testament to her ability in the field, water and her prey drive. She has consistently received 4H(exceptional) for her nose and her water search. Her HZP score of 191 may be one of the highest which has been awarded in Germany in 2014. At home she is very calm, and loving, yet when hunting she is all business. Fina's breeding has been repeated 4x which is a clear indication of extraordinary breeding. Her Mother was one of the top dogs at 2014 Kleeman with 2x 4H(nose, search)

Download: Ahnentafel

Fina III von Neuarenberg Fina III von Neuarenberg
Baron vom Tuckahoe ZB Nr. 0150/11
D1 (4H Nose), S1,VGP2, HN, HD B1, BTR, V1 male at the 2014 NADKC Annual Meeting

66cm (26in) 35kg (78lbs)

M: Resi KS von Neuarenberg
V: Bellevue KS vom Hege-Haus

Baron is an elegant, noble very harmonious male with high prey drive and exceptional hunting instincts. In the field, Baron has large sweeping quartering searches and covers a lot of ground quickly and efficiently. In thick cover, he works well and stays close enough to the gun in order to be effective. In the forest, Baron's blood tracking is exceptional and executed with confidence and determination. Baron is a nose driven hunter. The use of his nose is obvious and with purpose, both on land and in water. Baron also has a very calm demeanor while at home, traveling or healing.

Download: Ahnentafel

This pairing should produce some extraordinary puppies with great nose, immense love of water, easy to train and highly cooperative. We will be taking deposits.

Please contact us for more information
Dr Kaveh Elahiyoun or visit our website : also on Facebook at
Vom Canuck Kennels Deutsch Kurzhaar
Baron vom Tuckahoe Baron vom Tuckahoe

vom Canuck Kennel

Anticipated Whelping Date - Oct 2018

Hazel vom Canuck
D1 , S1 , VGP 1 , HN , HD A1 ,

Hazel is truly a dream hunting dog , she has some of the best hunting abilities one would want in a truly versatile hunting dog. She has very stylish points and outstanding nose. She is a very muscular female with a fabulous head and very correct conformation . Hazel is lovely house pet when she is not hunting

Download: Ahnentafel

Hazel vom Canuck Hazel vom Canuck
Mondial vom Nonnenhaus
D1, AZP 1, VGP1, BTR, VBR, LN(scent loud), SW1(20hour blood track), HN, HD0, V1

Mondial is a tall, very elegant and noble male whose pigmentation is extremely eye catching. He has a very nice male head, very nice fore chest, excellent top and bottom lines, and a very nice deep chest. He is 100% Hege-Haus line bred. He is the son of Ungaro KS vom Hege-Haus who has produced many nice dogs. Ungaro's offspring may have some of the best testing records in recent years on the field and show circle. Mondial is a very driven, cooperative and willing to please, "hunt-all-day" type of a dog. He is extremely easy to handle and his testing record is evidence of his ability in the field and water. He is a very concentrated and methodical hunter. He uses wind in his tracking to his advantage.
Puppies from this cross will posses high drive and desire with amazing abilities in water and a out standing nose

Download: Ahnentafel

This is a fantastic breeding combines some of the Old Hege house blood lines
Sir and Dam are exceptional hunting dogs and puppies are expected to be loaded with natural ability and fantastic hunting abilities and outstanding conformation

Please contact us for more information
Dr Kaveh Elahiyoun or visit our website : also on Facebook at
Vom Canuck Kennels Deutsch Kurzhaar
Mondial vom Nonnenhaus Mondial vom Nonnenhaus

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