2014 NAKP

by Kevin McWilliams
2014 North American Kurzhaar Prüfung2014 NAKP - Kevin McWilliams and Issy vom Osterberg

The North American Kurzhaar-Prufung (NAKP) is the North American chance to showcase our amazing DK’s similarly to the way they are showcased in Europe at the IKP (Internationale Kurzhaar Prufung). This gives those who train and test in the DK world an opportunity to view the form and witness the function and abilities of these outstanding canines. The 2014 NAKP was our first time entering such an event, and the preparation, and excitement began many months before the September test date.

We entered our solid liver bitch, Issy vom Osterberg, who had qualified by having obtained a Prize I, in the Derby, and Solms, as well as a V1 conformation rating. In late August Issy came up lame, and after an examination at home we found cuts on her pads. The best solution was cage rest,Tuff Paws in the morning, Invisible Boot before any time out, and a cream from France before bed. What to do about the NAKP? The night before we were to leave her paws looked like they may be okay, and we continued with our plans to depart for the long journey to Wisconsin. After 18 hours of driving with the entire family, and four of DK’s, we pulled onto the gorgeous grounds of Milford Hills in Johnson Creek, WI.

The NAKP 2014 began with a tasty lunch in a banquet hall of Milford Hills. This was followed by a very informative conformation workshop instructed by Margitta Albertson. Here we learned what the judges are looking for in a Zuchtschau, the changes the judges in Germany have been informed to follow, and the differences between dogs with good form and those with some flaws in form. The judges had a meeting about the field judging groups, allowing us to prepare for the Zuchtschau. The ring was ready and the only male of the day was judged and rated V. Then ten females entered the ring for the panel of judges to evaluate on structure, and movement. After the individual assessment was completed, six excellent rated dogs return to the ring for the final placement. The panel had decided to place the top three females.

To our excitement, Issy (Issy vom Osterberg)was the judge’s choice for V1 female. The V2 female was Ada vom Riverwoods, and V3 female Aspen vom Springborn. What a way start to our first ever NAKP. We finished the evening off with a fish dinner, and friendly conversation with others in attendance, at the main dining room of the resort.

Mock NAKP Participants

We were up before the sun on Saturday, and drove for an hour and a half to some excellent State hunting and training grounds. The group was broken into three judging groups. Two of the groups began their day in the field, and the third in the water. Each group rotated through the same water area. Issy’s group was in the field first. After everyone in her group had gone through the field, Issy was taken back to the field for a further search. Then came the blind retrieve, and off to the water. The cover was thick, dense, and made for an excellent water work experience. Issy left with the drive and desire that she always shows in the water and before long she was on the scent of the duck. A successful duck retrieve completed the exciting day.

The scores were read at the test site. It was good to hear all the great scores of these wonderful DK’s.

Upon reflection, everything came together very well, culminating in a good day’s run for Issy vom Osterberg. We were over the moon with her scores of a 4h in nose, a Prize I and a score of 136! What a great day!

The evening banquet was a fabulous finish to a fantastic weekend. Again, we enjoyed the company of those in attendance at the 2014 NAKP. Supper finished along with the reading of all the test scores of the day. The highlight for us was the top dog award, with the highest score of the day, for our Issy vom Osterberg.

As the 2014 NAKP drew to a close, the amount of work, planning and logistics that it took to put on such an excellent event became evident. We would like to thank the NADKC for holding the NAKP every two years, and all those who help it run smoothly, putting in hours, days, and months of preparation. The grounds for the field portion, as well as the facilities at Milford Hills, were second-to-none. The only thing was that we wished that we could have seen even more exceptional DK’s there. I am sure that there are many other owners at home wondering if they should attend such an event. By all means, come out and show off your DK. You never know what the outcome may be until you try. Our family had an outstanding time both at the NAKP, and in Wisconsin.

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