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Deutsch Kurzhaar stud dogs listed on this page have completed breeding requirements of the Deutsch Kurzhaar Verband and are available for stud per arrangement with the owner listed below.

Gentleman von Baden ZB Nr. 0261/18 Birth Date 29.01.2018
D1, S1, VGP2 (338 points), VBR, HN, HD B1, Fw: V1, 64 cm
(Yogurt vom Massenbach x Arrabiata KS von Baden)

Gentleman is an elegant, powerful, medium-sized male with a lot of nobility, a strong male head, and very good forechest. The form value V1 has been awarded to him twice. Gentleman shows impressive performances in the field, water, and forest. He has mainly hunted for small game, where he works with tireless will to find. In the field, he shows long-range searches with great drive and a high nose, his manners on game are impressive. He has proven his enormous passion for water and his excellent qualities as a retriever on numerous duck hunts.

Gentleman (call name 'Jack') has a superb temperament with people and other dogs, is very affectionate, and lives in our home as a full-time working dog and family member. He comes from proven bloodlines: through his grandfathers Tobias KS vom Hege-Haus and Oliver KS Pöttmes, he combines the best of Hege-Haus and Pöttmes with the best of Theelshof and Rothenuffeln. His mother Arrabiata KS von Baden and his grandmother Blaulicht KS Contiomagus are tried and tested dogs of high form and enormous performance.

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Contact: Chad and Jennifer Kunz / / 701-341-7473 /
Gentleman von Baden Gentleman von Baden

VC Ivo von der Merrymeeting ZB Nr 0648/18 10.05.2018
Mutter: Gaia von der Merrymeeting
Vater: Baron vom Tuckahoe
Derby, Pz1 (4h nose), Solms Pz1, BTR, VGP Pz 2
NAVHDA NA Pz1 UT Pz1 Versatile Champion
V1, HD A-2. 61cm 65 lbs.

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Merrymeeting Kennels would like to present, to all qualifying females, Ivo von der Merrymeeting, better known as Iger. Iger is a blend of some of the top bloodlines in Germany and America. Iger has the genetics to adjust to the conditions of the hunt, whether on the plains of the mid west or in the dense forests of New England. His strong pointing instinct and cooperation have been passed down through many generations. Iger is often found sharing his water passion with his owner and trainer, Suzi Moore, in the hometown salt marshes and bays filled with waterfowl. His attitude is to please whatever job he is presented.
Iger recently achieved the prestigious title of Versatile Champion in the NAVHDA testing system, following in his mother’s footsteps. In his Zuchtschau he was awarded a V1 and described as a noble masculine male with correct angulation, top and bottom lines, depth of chest and movement. He comes from a litter that has been awarded Breeder Awards in the NADKC Derby, Solms, NAVHDA Natural Ability, Utility and Invitational.

Contact: Blaine Carter
“ The temperament of this dog and his abilities are wonderful, they need to be passed along”, Suzi Moore
VC Ivo von der Merrymeeting VC Ivo von der Merrymeeting

Aziscohos Vonder Nezinscot ( Jaxx )
ZB.NR. 0537/18 Gew 04/16/2018
Mutter: Yelena com Riverwoods
Vater: Doktor ks Kevi-lator
Derby prize1 (4H pointing), Solms prize 2, BTR, AZP prize 1, awarded 2020 Floyd E Berts highest scoring AZP, VGP prize 1 307, (4H in search without duck) awarded 2023 Herbert G. Hasemann Ehren Praesident's gold medallion Award for the highest scoring VGP
Natural Ability prize 1 (110) , Utility prize 2 (184)
HD- B1, FW-SG , HN
67cm 76Lbs

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Jaxx’s drive, passion and obedience while in the field and water makes him unmatched, and an undeniable pleasure for training and hunting. His staunch pointing of game, excels in tracking and retrieving never failing to produce shot/wounded game. His calm demeanor and desire to be part of things around the home, makes him a perfect family dog and loving companion. Jaxx is the total package of conformation, high drive, willingness to please and love. Jaxx comes from a proven bloodline and serves to improve any qualified female line.

Ronald Budesheim
Aziscohos Vonder Nezinscot ( Jaxx ) Aziscohos Vonder Nezinscot ( Jaxx )

Androscoggin von der Nezinscot (Jäger) ZB.Nr. 0536/18 Gew. 04/16/2018
Derby Prize 1, Solms Prize 1, BTR, VGP Prize 1 312 points (4H in Blood tracking) HN, LN, HD-A2, Fw: V
Natural Ability Prize 1 112, Utility Test Prize 2 192

Mutter: Yelena vom Riverwoods
Vater: Doktor KS Kevi-Lator

Download: Ahnentafel

Jäger is a young, well accomplished male standing 68cm and weighing 84lbs. His cooperation, desire and obedience made training and hunting him easy for a first time handler. Jäger goes non-stop all day through the upland woods of Maine. On cold wintery mornings you will find him crashing the river from the bank to eagerly retrieve wounded ducks. He does not give up and never fails to produce wounded or dead game. He has proven to be an extremely capable blood tracker. Jäger comes from a proven blood line and serves to improve any qualified female's line. 2019 was a busy year where he performed excellently in five tests under two testing systems including passing the BTR. He followed 2019 with a great year in 2020. He trained for and completed the VGP with a prize 1, 312 points (max points possible on a day track) with a 4H in blood tracking. He has excellent lines all around with the highly desired old style head. He obtained his “V” rating in 2020. His drive in the field and water makes him an easy dog to train and hunt. Conversely with the flip of a switch, he waits silently in the blind or cuddled up at your feet, waiting for the next task to complete. His nose is excellent and reliable. The future holds endless possibilities to which he desires to succeed. He has been featured in the USA Today Hunt edition for his versatile retrieving skills. Jäger is the total package of conformation, high drive, willingness to please and love.

Contact: John Noldan
Androscoggin von der Nezinscot (Jäger) Androscoggin von der Nezinscot (Jäger)

Bazil (Diesel) vom Golden Sun 002/16, Gew. 09.10.15
D1, S1, HZP 182, VGP Pz.lll 279pts, NAKP Pz 1 136 pts., HN
HD-A1 Fw: SG
M: Ottie von Kings Crossing 0557/13
V: Finn vom Höllental 0799/13

Diesel is a correct and elegant typical male DK who stands 66 cm and weighs 75 pounds. Bazil is a very calm and obedient hunting companion who excels in tracking, retrieving, and relocating wild game birds, as well as the concentration to track wounded large game. Diesels search range is medium, casting out 100 yards or so. Diesel possesses a unique, quality and performance proven bloodline, which will compliment bloodlines in North America. Diesel lives in the house, enjoys being around children, and other dogs.

For more information, please contact Zwinger Golden Sun at: 605-222-7173
Bazil (Diesel) vom Golden Sun Bazil (Diesel) vom Golden Sun

Axel vom Pach-Haus ZB-Nr. 0191/15 DGStB 69314/2 Gew: 10.12.2014

Derby Prize I (4H in search), Solms Prize I (4H search for duck – Highest scoring “Top Dog” in 2016), VGP Prize II 293 points, VGP Prize I 308 points (4H search for duck –received the Ehern Praesident’s Award Silver Medallion), 2017 NAVHDA Invitational 193 pts out of 200 pts; 2018 NAVHDA Prize I 204 points; BTR, HN, HD-A2, Fw:V, 64cm (25in), 33kg (73lbs)

Mutter: Sindi von Neuarenberg ZB Nr. 0458/10 DGStB. 63830/1
Vater: Baron vom Tuckahoe ZB Nr. 0150/11 DGStB. 67458/2

Axel’s intense drive, desire and obedience while in the field is unmatched. He is “all business” in the field and his desire to work makes him a pleasure to hunt over yet has a calm demeanor around the house always wanting to be a part of what you are doing. Axel is very meticulous in his hunting manner and possesses remarkable natural abilities with the methodic use of his nose to produce broad searches in the field and water, pointing, retrieving and tracking of upland game and fur. Axel has hunted hundreds of pheasants and chuckar at local game clubs/preserves in New York and New Jersey, pheasants in South Dakota, grouse and woodcock in Maine, quail in Virginia, ducks in New York and had a bow kill recovery in New York.

If you are looking for that combination of conformation, cooperation, desire, prey drive, and calm demeanor around the house, Axel will produce pups with all this and more.

Download: Ahnentafel

For additional information, contact Paul Steiniger (845) 656-0898 or email

Axel vom Pach-Haus Axel vom Pach-Haus

Ilex von der Wacholderheide ZB-Nr. 0778/14, gew. 12.04.2014
DI, SII, VGP I, 317/ÜF, HN, Fw: V, HD-A2

Mutter: Hummel von der Wacholderheide ZB-Nr. 0742/12
Vater: Skip vom Entenpfuhler Forst ZB-Nr. 0621/11

Ilex did his VGP with overnight blood track before the age of 18 months. He stays in check with his handler during driven hunts showing that he is a great cooperative dog. Ilex has an outstanding nose and knows how to use it to find game. Before leaving Germany, he was in the home with 3 small children, the youngest a 3 year old. He is a gentle dog. Ilex has a diverse background in his pedigree and would compliment most females.

Download: Ahnentafel

Learn more about Ilex at Juniper Creek Kennel or contact

Sue Rupert
7055 Greenpath
Dunn, NC 28334
PHONE: (910)-850-2560

Ilex von der Wacholderheide Ilex von der Wacholderheide
Ilex von der Wacholderheide Ilex von der Wacholderheide

Finn vom Höllental 0799/13, gew. 30.04.2013
D1, VJP 66, HN, HZP 180, S1, VGP1 304pt., HDA1,Vx3

Finn is an elegant, hard working, athletic DK. Finn was trained and is hunted daily on all native South Dakota game. He has a passion for life and is a proven sire who has passed his wonderful traits on to his offspring. He is passing on calmness, superb use of nose, passion, controlled hardness and clean retrieving. Finn is very meticulous in his hunting manner. He is always a pleasure to be with. Finn’s desires are to please us and go hunting. He is an asset to the Deutsch-Kurzhaar gene pool.

To approved bitches only.

Download: Ahnentafel

Golden Sun Deutsch-Kurzhaar
Thomas and Vanita Skinner
801 JoAnn Road
Pierre, SD 57501

Finn vom Höllental Finn vom Höllental
Finn vom Höllental Finn vom Höllental, Cover of "Gun Dog"

Baron vom Schwarzen Seil ZB Nr. 0027/13, gew. 25.10.2012
D2 D1 AZP1 (all 4s) HN HD-A2 Fw. V2

66cm (26in) 39kg (85lbs)

Roxy vom Delme Horst x Quentos von der Madlage

Baron is a dog of great presence and substance. Strong male head, long neck and full forechest.

He carries exceptional bone, correct topline, bottom line, and angles. In the field Baron is relentless. He is an all day, every day kind of dog. There is no quit. He exhibits strong prey drive and uncompromising predator sharpness. An efficient retriever, he is completely at peace in the water. Baron shows manners in all situations and is a excellent companion.

Download: Ahnentafel

For more information contact:

Brandon Rhome
911 Oak St.
Negaunee, MI 49866
(423) 453-0132

Baron vom Schwarzen Seil Baron vom Schwarzen Seil

Stud Dogs – Frozen Semen

Ads listed below are for the sale of FROZEN SEMEN ONLY. Club members need to download the pertinent documents which explain the procedures for Artificial Insemination (AI) in detail.

Mondial vom Nonnenhaus ZB Nr 1021/10, gew. 18.05.2010
D1, AZP1, VGP1, BTR, VBR, LN, SW1(20hour blood track), HN, HD0, Fw: V1

Mondial is a tall, very elegant and noble male whose pigmentation is extremely eye catching. He has a very nice male head, very nice fore chest, excellent top and bottom lines, and a very nice deep chest. He is 100% Hege-Haus line bred. He is the son of Ungaro KS vom Hege-Haus who has produced many nice dogs. Ungaro's offspring may have some of the best testing records in recent years on the field and show circle. Mondial is a very driven, cooperative and willing to please, "hunt-all-day" type of a dog. He is extremely easy to handle and his testing record is evidence of his ability in the field and water. He is a very concentrated and methodical hunter. He uses wind in his tracking to his advantage. Mondial will be available on a limited basis to approved females.

Download: Ahnentafel

Contact Kaveh Elahiyoun at (204) 761-5444, email or Dan Vining at (616) 292 6697

Mondial vom Nonnenhaus Mondial vom Nonnenhaus

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